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I guess I have always had a passion photography and travel. When I was eighteen years old, I left my home in England and headed off to Kenya. It was there that I bought my first real camera, a Leica. After a year in Kenya I moved to South Africa and then on to Canada where I lived for another five years. In Canada I joined my first camera club got interested in mountaineering and mountain photography. I then migrated to New Zealand where my photographic activities dwindled as family and business commitments meant that I no longer had the time or money to pursue my photographic interests.

After thirty odd years, my family all grown up and living independently, and my business interests over and done with, I decided to rekindle my photographic interests. I still had my M3 along with a bag of lenses, and other accessories, but of course these were now museum pieces so I decided to sell them. This gave me enough money to buy my first Digital SLR, a Canon 300D together with two lenses. I was astounded with the Canon technology and what one could achieve with Adobe Photoshop.

Now I am living in China, teaching English at a University in Jiangxi Province. I only teach for eight months a year so I have lots of time for photography. I still have my 300D but I have also bought a 400D and three more lenses. I am really impressed Cannons IS technology because it means I that I can now shoot in poor light conditions at less than 1/10 sec and I can leave my tripod at home.

Photography helps me express myself and how I feel about the world and things around me. I love taking candids, I call them real life shots, and sometimes I will get as far away from my subject as possible so that they are unaware that they are being photographed just to get a more natural pose. On other occasions, I like to get very close, filling the frame with my subject and eliminating all other distracting elements. But generally, I will point my camera at anything that catches my eye. Im not great on spending a lot of time setting up a shot, I tend to work spontaneously, thats why I like Photoshop so much, I can make changes to my photograph and fix up some of my mistakes.

I never stop learning about my craft and I welcome comments from other TE members no matter how disparaging they may seem to be. Of course, it is always nice to receive the occasion compliment but the point here is that I want learn from other enthusiasts and to hear their points of view. No two people will ever see the exactly same things in the same photograph so I am always interested in knowing what others see and think about my work. Not everybody is going to like my photographs but hopefully some will and I would like to hear from anyone who would like to comment on them, good or bad.

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