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I like to present on TrekEarth a series of photos of the city Amsterdam, the city where I live and work for more than 30 years already.

Amsterdam is in a critical period nowadays, because the city with its very rich historical center is booming more or less. It is a pity that there are no general visions in my city about how to develop Amsterdam city and how to connect old and new buildings and areas. Architects worry about their own building or design, and don't have a broader vision or fantasy, in which the already existing surrounding around their project is playing an important role in their design. Buildings can be placed everywhere, so they are autistic, and don't generate new relations.
Also the gap between new and old in Amsterdam is growing, and the old city becomes more and more an open-air-museum, like 'The World' near Bejing. 'Theme-park Amsterdam', it is a pity.

I like to portray Amsterdam in photos, the city where I live and work as an artist (abstract painting). On I started a website 'Amsterdam in pictures'. Here on trekearth I want to show akso pictures of Amsterdam I made, but with different information on each photo.

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