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United Kingdom
I was born on the 4th March in Caloocan City, Manila, Philippines. I started as a Stargazer, using my 10x50 binocular. I like looking at the heaven at night, The moon, the stars and galaxies. I decided to take a course in photography to know how to take photos at night. At that time I don't know how to use an SLR camera. I bought my first SLR camera many years ago 1995, it was a Canon EOS 100, which uses a film at that time digital camera is still not very popular. To learn more about camera F-stops, shutters speed ISO, etc. I took Photography course, City and Guilds in Kensington and Chelsea College, London. I also bought a second hand Mamiya C220f (6x6)a medium format camera for my college project. I use Black and white films, my favorite films are FP4+ and Agfa 100 and 25. I develop my own film and print it in the darkroom. My first time in the darkroom, I was very excited to see the picture slowly coming out.
Now its very rare to see a photographer shooting a film camera, everyone use a digital camera.
So digital makes life easier for me. No more chemical no more darkroom. Digital is easier and faster.
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Canon 7D, Canon Digital IXUS 70, Canon Eos 100, Fuji Finefix J40, Mamiya C220, Samsung NV10

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