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United States
I am a Large Format landscape photographer based in Oahu, Hawaii. You can see more of my work at:

The majority of my work these days is on 4x5, although I still manage to run a few rolls of film through my Nikon F6. I shoot almost exclusively Fuji Velvia, although I like to use either Fuji Acros or Efke PL100 for my B&W work. I do not shoot digital, although I do own a Nikon D200 (so I'm not totally ignorant of how digital works - I just prefer the look and feel of film).

There are a number of reasons that I shoot 4x5, including: quality and the process of taking pictures with large format gear forces me to think about the scene that I am trying to photograph. I don't believe in trying to correct an image in Photoshop, if it is possible to do so in the camera; it is the mark of a good photographer, IMO. I'm not a person given to instant gratification; quality is more important to me.
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