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My first cameras were little 126 and 110 point and shoots in the mid 70's, then about 1980 I started using my father's Hanimex-Praktica Super TL, which I still have today. In 1988 I bought a Canon A-1, but never really bonded with the camera and didn't shoot much for about the next 20 years. In 2007 I picked up a Canon F-1n and got interested in photography again. The F-1 for all it's ruggedness and simplicity is a marvelous camera. I even have the odd Canon FD 35-70mm 1:4 AF lens from about 1981 and I'm a big fan of Kiron manufactured lenses. My interest at the moment seems to be B/W nature and scenic photography using wide angle lenses, such as the Tokina RMC 17mm 1:3.5

All of my photographs are film and scanned directly from the original prints at 300dpi. Some of these prints are upwards of 25 years old. No post-processing has been done other than resizing.

All critiques are welcome, as I'm here to try and improve as a photographer.
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Canon A1, Canon F-1, Nikon FM, Pentax Auto 110, PRAKTICA Super-TL, Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex

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