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My name is Pedro and i'm currently studying Electronics and Computer Engineering at Lisbon.

I always had a fascination for the world of photography, but it was not until I got my first camera, in 1998, that I realised how interesting this world is.
Some people say that I never write a note about a photo and that I should write it. Well, for me a photo speaks by itself. Why should I guide your mind with words when seeing a photo, kill you of boredom for insignificant details about its history or the parameters I used in the camera? Photos are to be seen, enjoyed and if possible to take your own conclusions about a certain aspect of life or culture, etc. That's what I try to acomplish by taking the photo the way I took it (to guide your mind with the picture itself), not by writing what I had in mind.
That's how I see it... :-D

Hope you like my photos!

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