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Xenophon Oviduis Sophron Naso Contact

United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Xenophon Oviduis-Sophron-Naso. (Ξενοφων Οβηδυις-Σωφρον-Νασο).

Only recently I've re-taken up photography again w/ a new Fujifilm FinePix SL240 Camera!

Over the past as a youngster while at boarding school, I processed black & white sports photos, including some wild life photos for school within the school's darkroom & continued on w/ photography up until around 1985-1990 where I droped it due to both Fujifilm & Kodak film processing costs!

As we do now live in the digital age, I'm able to edit my own digital photographs as necessary and to remove those un-wanted bits in my photos.

Having purchased an AMD FX-8150 in the fall of 2012, which is setup mainly for both office & photography use, and also my completion of learning these four following languages in regard to reading & writing, with these linguistique skills.

Trying to learn French, Greek, Norwegian, & Portuguese, & to complete my Modern Greek learning, as I do speak a little Greek, some of my critiques will be done mainly in English, and some possibly done in one of these four languages, (computer permitting) particularly if your from any of these four:- (Ελλάδα) Ελληνική, (France) Franais, (Norge) Norsk Bokml, & (Portugal) Portugus, geographical & language locations as well.

Since this AMD PC is setup with Windows 8 Pro in Norsk (Bokml) my favorite & chosen European language system, some European responses, could be difficult to do under this chosen European language system, as some of the language characters may not available for usage. Thanks for the kindness, as well as your understanding... with responses in these languages. Xen. (Ξεν).
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