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"Our photographs are the wings that support the flight of memory."
Those words jumped right off the page at me while reading 'The Picture not Taken - Without a camera your travels are only partially realized' in Nat'l Geographic Traveler - The World in Pictures' - Jan/Feb 2003.

I feel fortunate to have been able to travel as much as I have - we are an airline family and I am the designated passenger. I see from this site that there are many more places I want to go...

Traveling with a camera enriches the experience - I have found that you tend to see so many more details, and perhaps appreciate them more when you are interested in more than the 'I was there!' snapshot.

I have posted two rather lengthy 'travelogues' - and invite anyone to view them (and let me know - sign the guestbook!) I love to share my experiences! The latest is a trip to Thailand in October at:

The other is: --obviously a trip to Turkey.

Other than that, my experience in photography includes many years competing in a local camera club - consisting mainly of advanced amateurs, working as a real estate photographer (not my cup of tea..), several years in the studio photographing mainly children. I had my own black and white darkroom as well. I have sold the latter and taken up digital photography with a vengence -- have also sold the medium format cameras and lenses. Not giving up my travel and digital media any time soon, though!

This site is great - already I am looking at my travel pictures with a more objective eye -- I tend to look at them and just melt back into my memories... -Carol
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