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You might be an adventurer who has seen some of the most stunning scenery, but we are pretty sure youve never seen anything more unworldly like the landscapes of Cappadocia. The whole Cappadocia region represents a true wonder of nature.
On the other hand, natural beauty is not the only thing this place has to offer. The Sharp sandstone ridges hide about 40 underground cities built 1200 years BC. And some of them are connected by tunnels.
Nevertheless, the first associations to mention of Cappadocia are the beautiful sunsets, breathtaking natural sites and hundreds of balloons. Yes, balloons had become quite a synonym for this spot.
There are countless reasons why you should visit Cappadocia. However, fascinated by the beauty of this place, we created a list of 9 reasons why you must consider Cappadocia as your next vacation.

1) This is an extraordinary picturesque landscape

Cappadocia is, in fact, much wider than just a town, it is a name for a region. Firstly, you might think that Cappadocia has one or two interesting places, like the ones you might see on Instagram. Then you'll find out how wrong you have been. This region is truly remarkable. We were having a really hard time picking some of the best places for this list.
Here you will have a feeling like you are visiting another planet. Did you know George Lucas originally wanted to film Tattooine planet from Star Wars in Cappadocia? No other fact will tell you more about unearthly wonders of this place.
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2) Sleeping in a cave will surely be a mind blowing experience

Caves, caves, caves... In Cappadocia, caves are everywhere and you can have one for yourself too. Nowadays some of the caves are modern hotels with a recognizable ancient vibe.
Stones are incredibly easy to shape, so about 1200 BC people made these caves their houses and sanctuaries.
Cave hotels are not only for extravagantly rich visitors. Prices are pretty reasonable, so you can easily spend here a night or two. The best thing about this interior is that it has natural airconditioning and stays cool during the enormous heat.

3) Soar up the sky in a humongous hot air ballons

Are you afraid of height? Don't worry, you can still soar up into the sky. These pilots are pretty experienced and you can trust them completely.
You should now three things about flying hot air balloons in Cappadocia. One, expect the huge crowd. Sunsets are the most popular time for flying balloons, so we recommend you sunrises, or mornings instead.
Two, this adventure isn't cheap, and you should have in mind Cappadocia is one of the cheapest balloon flying places. It will coast you about 200 euros. You can bargain with the Turkish people, but don't expect a huge price difference.
Three, you can book a whole itinerary in advance. The includes ride to tourist attraction, breakfast, balloon flight, champagne and return to the hotel.

4) Visit Goreme open-air museum

Aside from the balloons, the most interesting thing in Capadocia is Goreme and its open-air museum. The museum is about 15 minutes away from the city centre, and you will go a little bit up the hill.
This museum actually represents several monasteries placed side-by-side. All of them are made in stone and have a very unique appearance.
You can wander through the whole complex and admire of its beauty. Also, you will get an oudio-guide, so you can listen all about the incredible history of this miraculous museum.
An entrance fee is about 8 euros.

5) Sunrises and sunsets are truly undiscribable

You will be spoiled by Cappadocia's sunrises and sunsets. No one actually knows the true colour of the strangely shaped stone. It absorbs the sunlight and reflects it. It will have a different colour depending on a part of the day.
At sunrises and sunsets, the stone looks pink, orange or reddish, but during the day it changes into a yellow or beige. You wont believe what your eyes are able to see. Plus the all colourful balloons. You'll never see anything like it. No wonder Cappadocia is becoming a must-visit on the every travellers bucket list.

6) You can visit undergroud cities

Cappadocia's beauty doesn't end on its surface. Your mind will be blown from all shapes and sizes of the stones inside the underground cities.
Furdhermore, you will be amazed by the way these cities are built, and the way how the streets are organized. We were left speechless by the size of these cities.
Even more striking is the fact that several cities are connected by underground tunnels. And when one city is attacked the locals would have enough time to hide. Tunnels are also used for exchanging of food and other goods.

7) Explore numerous hiking trails

Do you have the courage not only to be a tourist but to be a real traveller/adventurer? If your answer is yes then you should definitely go on hiking.
Special tours are organized for those who seek lifetime adventures. Don't go alone, you can only orientate by the shapes of the stones, and they look very similar for the inexperienced eye.
Don't forget to bring much water, food, a sunburn creme, comfy snickers and light clothes.
On the hiking trails, you will see what the erosion process is capable of doing to the stone. One of the most interesting trails is Love valley, Pasabag valley and Ihlara valley.

8) Go on a camel or a horse ride

Did you know horseback and camel riding are synonyms for Cappadocia? This place is basically a land of horses. If you have not ridden a horse or camel so far this is your chance to do so at very low prices.
You can explore the Cappadocia on the backs of these precious animals. Riding itself is considered to be a wonderful experience. Now you should count in all the beautiful scenery that surrounds you... you think you're in some kind of a Turkish fairytale.
9) Local food in Cappadocia is delicious
Cappadocia not only looks good but it also has a heavenly taste. Testi Kebab, a mix of meat end vegetables, is a must-try. This dish is prepared in a pot, and the waiter opens the pot is opened just in front of you.
Turkish cuisine uses a lot of spices, you'll need some time to get used to it, but when you do, we promise you that you'll put spices in every dish you eat. After Cappadocia, nothing will taste the same again.
If you have any interest in Eastern countries, you will fall in love with Cappadocia. It will seduce you with its looks, smell, taste... all of your senses will be active, trying to absorb as many things as possible.

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