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  • The temple of the Golden Bhuddais on Chaoren Krung Road on the East side of the river. This temple is on the other side of the river. here is a <A HREF=> map</A>
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    The Wat Karang Temple and Wat Kalayanamit Temple are on the same side of the river. Wat Karang is further north from Wat Kalayanamit. From the image you posted, you may have the two confused.

    Take this link which shows the river view of Wat Rakang Temple and compare these to your post.

    As you can see these two images are not the same and I am not trying to make a big deal of this but for the viewers who see our images it could be confusing.

    I sincerely hope this helps as I would hope that a TE member would correct me were I mistaken about my posts.