To Waylim: Photo.....

  • Hello Way!
    First of all I want to thank you a lot for your nice words, I really appreciate them a lot.
    You said, that you actually wanted to write a critique on a jumping photo. Iīm not sure which one you mean because I didnīt actually upload any jumping picture :) I just remember, that my father put one in the Internet, but because of server problems he put it out again and uploaded it again today........Did you actually mean <B><A HREF="">this</A></B> one? Maybe you just confused my father with me because our names are quite similar ....Johannes and Jonas (J_Schmitt and Jonas_Schmitt), well just in case you actually meant this photo :)
    By the way, I also like to take such jumping pictures, I just donīt put them online, or at least, didnīt put them online yet (apart from <B><A HREF="">this one</A></B>, but that might be something Iīll do when I have finished my Canada/USA series :-)
    So thanks one more time and Iīd be glad if you told me if the photo was the one you meant.
    Best regards,
  • Re: To Waylim: Photo.....
    It in deed your father post. Both you name look similar without a closer look. I remembered seeing it and I was writing the critique for it and it disappeared. I guess now I have to write him a critique.
    thanks. I did see your Desert Jump and wrote my comment on it.

    Thanks Jonas, I do love your works. You will be among great photographer, and I hope you continue to do so.