To david: slave to style

  • I agree Im a slave to style. I admitted that much in out talks. But I dont mind it. I actually dont look at it like that. I dont shoot to make a style. I shoot how I want and I guess a style comes out of it. I would be alarmed if I was copying someone but I think I have a "style" that is sort of original on this site, I hope anyway. we talked about parr on the forum today. He is an example of someone with a strongly developed pesonal style. Im not equating myself with him, but you know what I mean. All the best photogs have a "style". In that you can tell a Parr from a McCurry from a Salgado easily. I hope you can make out a Jinju from the hundreds of photos posted to TE each day.

    But yes, I do shoot in a certain way. Even when we go out, I usually come back with 20, 30 shots total from a whole day because I guess I look for certain situations, certain visual stimuli cause me to press the shutter button.