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Great my_journey 2013-06-22 8:32

Hello Manoj
I just love this dramatic view.
Excellent shot and nice matching of black & white.
The sky looks amazing.
Thanks for sharing
Kind regards,

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Default To holmertz: tourism on Easter Island

Hi Gert
Thanks again for yr comments.
Where do i begin....i'll start with the short tourism isnt "in your face" on easter island as you may have thought.

Now tourism is going to be apart of almost every place which we travel to, so obviously we have to expect some! Thats just being realistic.

But if you want to see disgustingly horrific tourism at its worst, so much so that it almost ruins your total experience than take a trip to Peru and visit Macchu Pichu!!!!!!!
The extra long tour buses kept rolling up to the front gate like heards of cattle ready for slaughter! It seemed to be a huge money grab. It was unbelievable. THAT'S the bad tourism which you were referring to from your comment of easter island!
Honestly, it left a bad taste in my mouth about Macchu Pichu, perhaps it wasnt so bad 10 or 20 years ago.....not sure, but its bad now.

But on Easter Island i never ever ever felt suffocated like that. Sure, there may be a small group of 3 or 4 people hiking the local trails walking towards the Moai. The only time i noticed a large gathering was at the Rano Raraku Volcano & the adjascent site with the famous statues lined up 15 in a row . But even then you dont FEEL the groups of people because you are outside and people spread out over the large fields for various points of view. Its not like there are 80 people closely packed in trying to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa hanging on the wall or something.

So no, i never ever felt annoyed or bothered by any large groups of people. And yeah, you do or should rent a jeep to get around. You would be SO sorry if you didnt. Driving the coast road circling the island was the best experience, seeing the ocean, large waves, breath taking was magical. And hou felt totally alone! Only the odd car/jeep passing by in either direction. The jeep rental was about $65 a day....just do it its so worth it.

And theres only 1, yes 1 main town on easter island called Hanga Roa. Its where everything is located...a couple banks, 1 gas station for the entire island, the airport, 1 main busy street with all the restaurants and stores to buy your groceries....and they are all small stores, owned and operatex by walmarts, no costcos, no Ikeas

Its a very small-town feel. And VERY relaxed and slow atmosphere. You will NEVER feel rushed or hurried, slow pace life.
Are you getting my drift here?
I'm thinking you had the wrong impression, hopefully i am clearing some things up for you.

I traveled in May, so its not their peak peak thats what I can only go by.
If i were you, dont travel there in july, august, o sept.....perhaps then it IS busier. For us May was perfect.

Sorry for the long rant!
Have a great day
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Old 07-01-2013, 12:54 PM
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Hi both,

as to Machu Picchu, I was there 14 years ago, so probably it was then different. I spent a night down in the valley, in Aguas Calientes, and then I went with the first bus up. When I stood up there it seemed that I had the whole Machu Picchu for myself. (Even my friends came with the other bus later). There was a fog coming up after the rain, I saw only llamas coming through the gates. Can you Craig imagine this? Later of course came the groups but it was not so bad. As to Easter Island, I was there in 2007. So, not so far ago. How one can get to Easter island? By plane of by big cruiser. The only flights are by Lan Chile, one daily. How many people come? 200? The cruisers are more rare. so it can't be much people. The busiest season is in February when there is festival . Then there are additional flight. But take into account the island is small - the triangle with the hypotenuse less then 30 km. So it is not the only goal, just part of the trip.
have a nice day
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