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  Isabelle 2006-10-03 10:24

your note is pleasing and informative, Torben but, again, imho, another aimless image.
I understand if you say: "I am looking for alternative subjects" but you havent said that.
the girls eyes look rather weird. being sensitive to your images as I am, i feel kind of disappointed with it.
please forgive me if I sound harsh, but I would like to hear from you about your intentions and the secrets here.

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Default To Isabelle: It's probably lousy to explain my own image bu

I like the image, amongst other qualities that it have,
- because of the relation between the big, blurry, stressed waitress in the foreground and the relaxed, in focus, affluent customers in the middle ground.
- because of the way that my expectations are first disappointed (the waitress is the largest object in the frame, and then she _must_ be the main subject and in focus, while the rest of the image is just background), and then the discovery of those people in the background who are in focus, and then the shift back and forth between those two groups.
- because of the play of shapes, the white shirts of the waitresses making a foreground gate into the image, the square shapes of the parasols that, being of the same material nature as the waitresses shirts, takes off fom their starting point and leads rythmically into the image space. Then there are the round shapes of tray and tables that makes the same movement into the image space, just from another angle, squares from one corner, circles from another.

Wow, it doesn't feel good explaining my own photo in this way, but I think that you deserve an answer to you careful critique. I still like the photo, but obviously, it is not a feeling shared by the TE community.
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Default Re: To Isabelle:

I apologise for making you explain your image, but I assure you at least I could learn something about rhymes, repetition, echoes - stuff that make a composition less obvious and far more subtle and I thank you for this.
I still think the girls eyes look weird - i would crop the image right below them and the qualities of the image you pointed out would remain.
thanks for your patience.
Warm regards,
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