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Great Isabelle 2006-08-04 9:24

Ive tried to look to this picture not linked to this one, but just cant help myself doing it, so here it goes (and its gonna be a loooong look):
Except for the fact both human figures are positioned in the same ahh region in the frame, i see both as counterparts to each other.
While in the first image there is this magic sober purple clean sky and the cam (or the photographer) was close to the ground, here the pov is the opposite: master Torben and/or his cam observe people passing by from an upper level. Suddenly there are this woman and her bike being the anchors of this magical colorful blurred background.
The man in the other image becomes even more ephemeral, vanishing away among masts, and the word erection comes to my mind.
With her the world around gains round contours (especially the yellow bike behind her, a delight to the eyes), but still there are two masts (the trunk right in the middle and that gray something beside the white car) but definitely we have curves in the bikes, in the element behind the yellow bike, even in her boots!.
Of course no one will notice the tilt in the womans shot while the fragile man walks in a steady horizontal frame ;)
This is a beautiful picture youre a master when it comes to panning technique but I think its even better if looked with the other in the back of my mind. Both are deeply connected in a certain way. Both carefully planned as counterparts, no matter if unconsciously.
(if you dont mind me saying)

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Default To Isabelle: A great critique, thank you!

Those were some interesting thoughts on my humble photo. Although I have looked a lot on those photos from time to time, you have drawn my attention too some interesting likenesses, that I didn't see before.

Now, when it comes too that "erection" word, I think I had a bit too much of that during my high-schoo,l freudian-inspired, literary analysis classes (basically looking for phallos symbols in advertisements). So I still prefer to see the verticals as just that, verticals. That other stuff is too much of an analysis trick in my opinion.

If there is any planning of the shot here, it is mostly in the way of chasing some kinds of photography that has interested me for some years now, I have tried these kind of motives a lot. So while these photos were done very much in a moment, unplanned as it is, I knew I would like to capture something of this kind, I had it at the back of my mind.

I didn't stand there on the staircase waiting for someone to pass by, I saw the cyclist approaching, I saw the staicase, I went up there to take the photo, maybe because I already took so manny unsuccesfull photos fom street level and wanted to try something eles and the staircase looked nice. It was all very fluid and unplanned, but probably planned in another way, since it is one of my personal clichees, so I see this kind of photo all the time. I should probably try something new ;-)
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Default Re: To Isabelle: A great critique, thank you!

some of your images have nice details that speak to me more than other images.
as for the word, i also learnt in my literary analysis classes any thing that comes from the ground and has that verticality (including masts, trees, buildings whatever) has this ahh errrr freudian approach. even at the dictionary of symbols in literature... but i must admit i see the man a bit overwhelmed among all that acute verticality behind him. no sexual references, better saying a generic discomfort with regard to something i cannot grasp.
other than that, to imagine you having a beer (with or without friends)and watching people passing by is just a way of giving the image a plausible context AND it is a poetic license ;) i wouldnt go further.
and yes. summer is there, Line said temperature is great. time to try something ;)
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