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Hello Will,

ahh, you know me - I am often gone for a long time but never for good
I take pictures whenever and wherever I can but cannot seem to find the time to resume the activity on TE... on the other hand I spend a lot of time in my garden and have developed quite a passion for plants and flower photography... too bad I can't post on TE the pictures I took at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, I had a great time going from one nursery stand to the other
Your take on the London Eye is something that I like very much, I would have tried it if I had had a blue sky to show off - the appeal of a clear sky to cast the white of a metal structure against is always hard to resist, I remember I took many such pictures in Rotterdam using the Erasmus bridge as "white" element.
Unfortunately that day in London the sly was so appallingly white there was nothing I could do. And yes, the "busyness" of the composition is intentional: whenever I raised my head that week in London I could only see building sites and cranes
Thanks again for stopping by, I always appreciate your comments!
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