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Default To Royaldevon: shanghai


a man travelling alone can attract these women, in shanghai my face told them I was from the western part of the world, a fool tourist filled with money and the camera was the proof I was a tourist. I never found so many girls like that in the same moment as in this area of the town.

once in salvador, bahia, brazil. I was walking in the old part of the town and a prostitute came to me, I didn't give attention to her and she pinched me with violence in the nipples, fortunately I was with a document in my shirt pocket and it protected me a little. in morocco a man came to me with a girl in the street, she was a very young girl, as he acted as he was renting or selling a piece of meat, can you imagine this?
about cloning the half personage: it would be something difficult, but I guess I would be successful with that, but I have not so much time to do that and I don't think it was so important. I liked to clone important distracting elements inside the image, that calls more our attention than the main subject.

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