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Default questions..

i read the forum, your comments, perhaps the norm of sanity, no rush of blood, inspired useful words and i know it has made a difference. but people forget that they are just doing their jobs, and probably doing a good one which will impresses their bosses, probably earn accolades..and what do members do ? quit and delete galleries..

i think it is quite juvenile, that is no way of getting back at the mods, i think they could have been more controlled and mature, but the sensitivity of the people are so deep and incomprehensible as far as photography is concerned it is really nobody's place to judge or comment, i too cannot figure out why a member staying here for 5 years with 1500 posts, thousand of comments would undo all in a minute or another with the same amount of time, scraping through the muck and the mess sneak in a post and write a few critiques..

it is a strange place Ansghu, the little i have been around, 257 posts, is tiny and i have more questions than you have just asked.

i just said "time-off" my friend, not "time up" - it's that phase of TE perhaps when people have this morbid fascination of waiting for people to leave or be banned, people kept a counter on the death toll during the tsunami that hit the peninsular few years back..i remember turning on the news and wow, 2,50, morning tuned in 2,95,000..


but no, am here to stay, might share something elsewhere, but this is where it began right ?

thanks for your time and the question, but for now i will just repeat myself - i cant do that thing of being alright when the ones around me are not, it doesn't come to me naturally, the pretense turns to embarrassment when i give up..


cant fake it..

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