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I stumbled onto TrekEarth, like many people have, and found a site that wonderfully combines travel and photography. Two activites that I enjoy think are naturally suited for each other. I suspect many others on this site agree.

I have been traveling and taking photos for several years. I have most recently gone on a trip so SE Asia which I posted a travel blog on under the handle of travelingtom.

I am new to online and computerized photography. All photos that I have posted were film shots that have been scanned and possibly recieved some attempt at PS editing. This is something I need to work on and any advice, comments, workshops or help is very appreciated. (And I even welcome critism, I can take it)

I have finally stepped into the 21st Century and purchased a digital camera. I am almost ready to make the leap to a digital SLR, however for now, most of my shots are scanned film prints.

I have been enjoying everyone's photos on TE for the last several months even though I have only recently become a member. Thank you for sharing your work and comments.

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