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Default Re: TE book death?

Hi Sophie
The reason you have not recieved paasword for access to my upload server for large sized photos is that your Questionnarie is not included in the Master file I have recieved.

I was promised to have a Masterfile including all the questionnaires, but later I learned that many questionnaires was not included. Another team member was to update the master file - but this was not done.

My offer for the team (also if 'life' is coming back to the project) is to supply all ASP/ISP services wanted by the project group. I still have the large sized photos that are uploaded at a safe place at one of my servers - but for me, making a book only based on a random selection of photog versus all those that expected to participate in the book - is not a deasant way to do it.

That is also way I have not put togheter a final PDF version of the book as it in no means would be a complete presentation - and of course also because this would take a lot of time and finally also because this was never a promise from my side to do.

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