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Default Going to Norway in the summer of 2004?

<p>I will probably spend a lot of time this summer at our cottage. Should any TE member be in this area you are welcome to stay overnight for 1-3 days in our little guesthouse (if it is free). The guesthouse has a small daily room and a sleeping room for 3. Gas oven for cooking. Outside there is a campfire for BBQ etc.</p>
<p>You can see some exterior pictures here (Choose Anne og Jacks hyttetun). The place is in very rural surroundings in the centre of the southern part of the country. The altitude is 850m. You will find a map here (click on the thumbnail for enlargement). With car the place is some 3 hr. from Oslo and 4 hr. from Bergen in the west. The place is reached 30 min from E16, Fagernes and 30 min from route 7, Gol. It is only 10 minutes from the popular route 51 that cross the valley.</p>
<p>Directly from the cottage you will find several opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, or other nature experiences. Of course I will have many suggestion for activities in the whole region including the high mountains in the Jotunheimen as proposals for trips to our fjords or the west coast. And of course we will have some hiking in the surroundings together (if you like). And naturally we will have some talks and beers at the campfire.</p>
<p>Should you prefer to stay at the camping the best choice is Vasetdansen a place open the whole year. In the valley there are also several hotels in different price levels.</p>
<p>Be sure to contact me in good time to check availability and for more details,should this have your interest.</p>
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